Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tonite, the sunset

Tonite, it was the perfect example of why I am absolutely in love with New Mexico. The sunsets here, are glorious, the kind of sunsets that take your breath away and make you feel one and at peace with the universe, with god, with the goddess, whichever you choose to call it, that divine essence that resides deep within the soul. The colors, the texture of the air as it closes in on you, almost as if you can taste the life in the very air itself. I am in love all over again, my spirit renewed. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

NOTE: the pictures on this post have NOT been altered or photoshopped, the colors are truly as my camera captured them...

i love rainbows

faces in the clouds eating rainbow

the face behind me

standing at the top of my driveway

looking up

looking down the road from my house

SO spectacular! I took so many pictures that my batteries died. I stayed outside inhaling the sweetness until the night fell around me like a dark cloak. I wanted to post more picures but my computer is giving me problems at the moment. I will post a couple more tomorrow night. What inspired you today? Peace and Love Chella

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  1. What an awesome beautiful sight !! I love the pictures and what is in them. You live in a beautiful place !! I think New Mexico is very beautiful, I got to see Santa Fe years back and have always wanted to return. Hopefully someday I will get to. I enjoy your blog !!
    Dawn in Nw Arkansas