Thursday, June 3, 2010

found objects

Yesterday I failed to make my post, although I did figure out how to fix some things with my blog that were awry. It took me WAY too long, I am NOT a computer wiz, and that is putting it very nicely! SO I struggled with the blog for so long that once I was done, I had to step away, saying to myself I would post my blog later. HAH! I went outside to work on the staircase I am rebuilding and didn't come in until dark. I was so dog tired that I passed out on the couch watching Heroes on DVD. Which I found at one of my favorite Thrift stores by the way.

It was one of those divine moments where the universe conspires to give you something just at the right moment.  I had gone looking for magazines, they usually have a great selection, and at 25 cents a piece I can usually pick up several.  I am a magazine junkie, I might add. Anyways, it was closing time, and I was the last to check out, as I am paying for my mags, one of the employees comes up to the counter to unload a donation bag right next to me. The first thing he pulls out is the whole first series of HEROES on DVD. Of coarse I was like OH! How much for THAT? 5 bucks. SWEET! Cant get better than that, especially since I had really been wanting it, as I have the next 2 seasons already and have this weird obsession with SETS of things. Especially movies. So it was a blessing, and I was happy, And I fell asleep to it.

My yard is HUGE to me, and it needs a lot of work. The staircase collapsed when we first moved in. I had been meaning to rebuild it, but it wasn't until last month that everything became aligned so that I could actually work on it. Along with the rebuilding comes general maintenance as well. I have cleaned and raked and hauled more than I ever thought was possible. I spend a portion of most days in the yard, working and enjoying. One of the more wonderful things that come with being in the dirt, and close to nature is all the wonderful discoveries along the way...

                                           The strawberry plants scattered in the tall grasses.

                     Mullein growing in wild abandon between the cherry grove and the garden plot...

                                                              The cherry grove in bloom    

                                                        And these sweet treasures too...

The honey comb my son Gabriel found, the birds nest S found, and the head, I found buried in the dirt.  It was a lovely day, and I am happy to share my finds with you.  Did you have any discoveries today? Peace and Love, Chella                          

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