Saturday, June 12, 2010

4 days

siri the night before                                                                                                   

I  know I  said I would post every day for the next month. but the last 4 days have been hard, really hard.My sweet puppy Sirius Buddah got run over by a truck early Wednesday evening as I was taking pictures of my stair case to post on this blog. He was not killed, thank the goddess, but he was badly injured. I have spent the last 4 days nursing him back to health and trying to fix all the issues with the fence that allowed him to get out in the first place. It is a huge job. Unfortunately where I live in the country NO ONE in this small community fences or leashes their dogs, so there are always dogs in the road. Personally I am NOT that way with my dogs. As long as I have had dogs, they have been kept in a fenced yard. When we moved here, the fencing was mediocre at best, but as soon as we moved in I set about to fixing it up so my 2 dogs Sati and Sugar could not get out. I re dug posts, spent days straitening bent up old wire fencing, installed a new gate. It was enough to keep them out of the road most of the time. I live on 2 acres, and it was not all 100 percent fenced properly but I was able to keep their excursions to a minimum. Over time though, the other neighborhood dogs proved to be too much of a bad influence and despite my repeated attempts they would charge the gate when we would go to leave and start chasing our car, any car. It was a huge source of stress. Then finally Sugar got killed after running into the road when S was getting ready to back out of the driveway. Her puppies were 4 weeks old. It was a devastating loss, one that I still feel very deeply. SO I have been extremely overprotective of her puppies, only taking them out supervised, and keeping them in back. I thought that the fencing would be OK as long as I could keep them from getting out when we opened the gate to leave.  But I did not take into account their size. Sugar was a big dog, her puppies, still small. So they can fit thru all the places in the fencing that the old dogs could not. Trying to prevent accidents, I have been working like crazy to fix everything, but I just was not fast enough. The neighborhood pack was out,  I was taking pictures of the stairs, and he jumped the gate in all the commotion. As I hurried up the driveway to get him in , a truck approached, and I started yelling at the truck to stop, but he slowed down only to plow over my puppy and then speed off as I screamed. HOW can someone be so cruel as to do something like that, and then drive away? I still cannot wrap my head around it. I saw my baby's hind legs get run over by his tire and I thought he was a goner for sure.  For the last 4 days I have not known for sure if he had internal injuries. He has deep gashed on his legs and he could barely walk. I have been tending to his external wounds and giving him hands on healing for any internal wounds and praying for him to live and be OK. Aside from that I have been mending the fencing like crazy but it is a huge job. I am keeping him in the house until I am done, with short excursions outside to do his business. Tonite he is walking 
without much of a limp, a huge improvement. Tonite I feel hopeful that he is going to be OK. 

the stairs before

the stairs the night of the accident and the gate he jumped over

the driveway gate - before

the driveway gate - now

the new staircase gate that i built today

during a windstorm that did this...

and this...

and these are all downed branches...

So that is where  I have been and what I have been up to the last 4 days.  I pray that the following days will be less eventful, but I have a feeling that not only will I be working on the fence, now I will be picking up a lot of sticks and branches along the way! What did you accomplish while I was gone? Peace and Love, Chella

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  1. Great job on the gate repairs-your place is looking great. Happy to hear Siri is doing so much better, lucky for him you are a good healer!