Saturday, June 5, 2010

thrifted and gifted

 Today I am thinking a lot about thrifting, and what it means to me. Yesterday I posted a link to one of my favorite bloggers, Serena of Apron Thrift Girl,  because she truly lives and breathes the thrifty way. For a long time I never knew so many people were so enthusiastic about a lifestyle that I have lived for so long. I always enjoyed finding treasures at yard sales, church sales, county fairs, thrift stores. My mother has the gift for thrift and taught me well.  I often found that one special thing that would make me so happy, and without paying a fortune for that happiness. Bonus!

After I had my first child is when I started treasure hunting in earnest. I was 22 and living on one income, and desperate to fill my huge apartment with furniture, and decor, that I simply did not have the money for. So using my witchy intuition, I would tell the universe what it is that I needed, and then I would go looking for it. Very often I would find what it was, within a day sometimes 2. I mainly scored down on the streets of the collage town that I lived in, picking off the discards of the wasteful students, who placed anything and everything on the curb. That is when I truly fell in love with the thrill of the hunt. I have been in love ever since. Most of everything that I have is either thrifted or gifted. As I looked around my home tonight I was hard pressed to find much that wasn't! A sample:

                                                 a small altar mostly thrifted a little gifted

                                           a yard sale mirror that was navy blue when I got it

           and I adore finding all different deities, and goddesses, and of coarse, the mother herself

As I have grown, and moved around, and had more children, my needs and methods have changed a bit but my essence has stayed the same. Ever confident in the magic of the universe to provide what is truly needed, and with some extra blessings what is truly wanted as well, I revel in the beauty that is the magic of life, the invisible thread that connects all things. I give so much thanks for the rush and the thrill and the satisfaction that my way of life gives. I feel it treads lightly on the earth, benefits the people I purchase from directly, keeps my purchases local and gives back to my community. Weather buying from the thrift stores that reinvest their profits back into the people and animals, or from the person having a yard sale to support themselves and their loved ones, to the church sales that help to fund the spirit, and the community sales that bring neighbors together in a common goal.  When life is as uncertain as the times are now, I have faith that I can still clothe my children nicely, have nice dishes to eat off, beautiful bedding to sleep on, furnishings and decor to keep us comfortable and inspired, art to sooth my spirit, movies to watch, music to enjoy, toys for my babes to play with... I may not be the girl who has the latest greatest of everything, but I have everything I need, lots more to love, and a  beautiful family to pass on my secrets of a life well lived. That is a blessed thing, it is.

Well it just passed midnight so I am going to get this posted, trying to keep in line with my goal of every day post, it is just into the next day. Don't want to push it! Until tomorrow, Peace and Love, Chella

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