Monday, May 31, 2010

new family member

This is my new baby. I had no intention of bringing home a kitten when I went out last Saturday. I was going to go to the dollar store to pick up a couple packs of hangers. As I reached the dollar store, I just felt the pull to keep on driving. SO I did, not really knowng where I was going. I headed into the nearest town and pulled up to one of my favorite thrift stores. This is interesting I thought to myself. Lets see what is in here that the universe is guiding me to. I went in with my 2 year old daughter, with whom shopping in a cartless store is pure hell, I might add... and started looking around, cursing myself for even going there, becuase I know what an aweful experience shopping without containment is... My daughter was tearing thru the store, trying on shoes and rearranging things, and I am thinking WHY am I here? Then from the back of the store, this woman is askng another woman if she knows anyone who wants kittens. Out of no-where I ask, You have kittens?, as if the words were being pulled from me without my consent. After all I didnt want any kittens... Conversation ensued, and I end up following this woman and her husband back to their house to look at their beautiful kittens. The whole drive there, I am thinking, WHAT are you doing GIRL? Having an entire conversation in my head how I am just going to look and there isn't any reason I should take one home with me... Needless to say, here he is. The boys have taken to calling him Titan, and I must say they were all smitten from the moment I walked in the door. He is SO aweet and personable, and super friendly, with no fear. The perfect match for my chaotic family. Welcome to the clan, Titan.
Peace and love, Chella

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