Monday, May 31, 2010

too much a perfectionist

Hi there ! I have the greatest intentions of writing, and then... I get caught up, in the daily ever incresing responsibilities at home, my chore list, the kids, the day... and when I get to writing about it, if I dont have everything right at my figertips, the camera, the camera cord to download, the time or energy to download and edit, a quiet room, then by best intentions go out the window, and I do not write at all. what is the point to having a blog, if not to blog it? It is somehting I have so much wanted to do for so long, and here I am, slacking. SO I set a goal for myself, to write and post a little, every day, for the next month. Just something, anything, so that I can get used to the flow, the time committment, the interest to myself, to see if this is something I really do want. No more trying to get it perfect. Just putting down what is, and letting go of what isnt. Peace and love, Chella

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