Wednesday, July 7, 2010

scrappy ghetto fabulous

So I know I said that I was feeling feeling pretty burnt toast on putting up fencing, and that my creativity needed a boost, a diversion. So this is where it took me, to the entrance to my studio. This year the grapes are growing wonderfully, but they were hanging over my doorway to the studio quite heavily. I decided to take some of the extra fencing, and build a small arbor around the entrance. I am happy. Now I can go in and out without having to get swacked by grapes. The doorway itself is still hobbit sized, so I still have to duck going in, but it is much more manageable.

The entrance to my studio, the arbor. If things look a little wonky and crooked, well, they are. That is pretty much how old New Mexico was built, and I have never been into an older house that was level. At first, coming from the straight and extremely level east coast, I was a little taken aback by the unevenness of it all, but I have come to love it, and all its angles, in its entirety.
It speaks of being connected. Homes made of earth, in more organic form, built of mud and clay and by many hands, honed by the eye of the builder, leaning into the land, around rocks and trees, and streams. No bulldozed foundation here,  simply built on a spot that was honored and given consideration to the land that is being built on. This home was built to keep living, generation after generation, snug in the warm earth, safe, sound, solid...and a little bit crooked.

Now the grape vines can stretch out, and make a canopy overhead. I will be adding farielights soon.

The grapes will not be fully ripe for another month, but they are still OH so yummy. They are crunchy and SO sour, and I cannot help but snag one or two when I go inside. My studio is almost complete, but it still needs some tweaking.

Walking in thru the door is the wall of chaos. I am in the process of painting the shelving and such to match, so it appears more streamlined. But it gives a hint of the madness that fuels me.

Some beads... I love finding spice jars at yard sales and thrift stores, to hold my dizzying array of beads

Small jars for small things, looks more crooked here than it is...

I took these pics at dusk, me thinks the lighting could've been better, lets call these the "BEFORE" shots, shall we?

An old collage, one of my first...its simplicity makes me smile

And I leave you with a piece of vintage ephemera...does any one remember rainbow brite? Well this is her horse, starlite. This is from a paper doll set, from when I was small. She has traveled with me all this time. I am not ashamed. I love rainbows, and I am proud. What have you kept from your childhood that makes you smile?  Peace and love, chella


  1. I love the crooked little a matter of fact I am very envious of your New Mexico beauty. You have a great feel for how it was in NM in the before times. My grandparents were born here in NM in Truchas and Anton Chico. They had 18 children and I am one of 56 grandchildren. My Grandfather and his brother got land (40,000 acres) near Las Vegas in a trade and started ranching at Maes, NM.
    It is delightful to see your "rural" beauty studio, says The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. Hello Chella, first let me thank you for visiting my Blog and becoming a friend :0) I absolutely LOVE your studio and what you've done at the entrance. It gives it such a magical feeling, especially with the size of the door (it'd be perfect for me, I am short!)Love it here and will visit you often. Have a great weekend! XO

  3. You have the cutest kids! And I love your studio too. I have some Holly Hobbie prints I framed from a Holly Hobbie calendar from my childhood. LOL
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Please come over and decorate my studio, please! Your space is awesome. I love the crooked, the spice jars, the ivy... and HOLY CRAP that's Starlite!! I still love Rainbow Brite and I'm not afraif to admit that. :)

  5. I love your spice jars with beads. What a great idea! Your collage must is a fabulous inspiration board. And thanks for bringing me back with Starlite lol... Did you hear the Smurfs are coming out with a movie next summer? My mom always says... Everything comes back. lol


  6. I love love love your studio!!!There is inspiration all around you.And those grapes at the entrance...OOOOHHHHH..I could just stand there for hours..

    Most of my life I have journaled and thankfully I still have these treasures to remind me of my childhood.Funny though..when I read back on some of the pages,the feelings come flooding back and I remember every detail,every smell,every taste and I am thankful.

    Warmest Regards,Cat

  7. What a great idea!I love your studio.