Sunday, July 4, 2010

a midsummer night secret dream

Today I am inspired to join a party hosted by Kelly of A Stuffed Life. The past full moon was especially powerful to my psyche, and when I happened upon the invitation to share my secret dream I was driven by the moon to participate. Admittedly the shy and unsure part of me is screaming at the hopeful and optimistic part of me (damn being part Gemini) but I am here posting it still, as there is inside of me a dream burning my soul to be realised. It is a huge dream. So huge it is scary to talk about. SO at this time I will leave it hanging in the otherworld. Until July 17, Midsummer night, where all sorts of secrets shall be revealed, by many other than myself. I cant help but imagine what kind of magical pull that will create within the universe of infinite possibilities. If YOU have a secret dream, join us  here. Many blessings to all, and Happy 4th of July! Be Safe and have fun. What will you be dreaming of today? Peace and Love, Chella


  1. Hello Chella.... i am pleased you found me... and that i have now found you.
    I have enjoyed reading some of your posts and i shall return to read more soon.
    you have a beautiful home and adorable children.
    God bless kep safe lynx

  2. Hey Chella,this Dream party sounds really fun!!I know what you mean about being scared to share your dream..but sometimes..just need to say it,in order to claim it.I'm off to check out the details to the dream party.Warmest Regards,Cat

  3. Don't be afraid! =} I am so glad you will be joining us at the party!

    Hugs, Kelly

  4. Chella, thanks so much for joining the insanity at Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts. I am thrilled to have you. Have taken the opportunity to "cruise" your site...oh my your chillun are adorable and like my grands have very beautiful, handpicked names. It's a lovely thing. I also checked out the Mid Summer do and will be very anxious to see your contribution and those of the others. I found out that Kelly from the MidSummer do is in Colo Springs, that's where my brother's family lives too. There are no such things as I'm glad we have met again for the first time. The Olde Bagg

  5. This is your home? It looks magical!

  6. It's ok to keep your Dream to yourself :-) Love your studio pics and at least we can get to know you through your blog You look like someone I would get on with :-) What a beautiful clan you have. Bye for now, Juliet